Spice Herbs

μπαχαρικά vagio agrofarmsThe spice is a dried portion of a plant that contains aromatic, spicy and caustic substances. It is also known by the names spice and herb. The uses of spices are many. In cooking it is a necessary ingredient almost in every recipe. Essential oils extracted from spices are used in perfumery, manufacturing of soaps, cosmetics and many other…

Many spices have antioxidant properties and replace the different preservatives which in many cases adversely affect human health. Their benefits are many as scientists have proved they cleanse the mind (rosemary, mint, cinnamon), reduce the damage caused by high-fat meals (turmeric, oregano, cinnamon, rosemary, cloves, paprika), improve breathing (turmeric) and help slimming (hot peppers, cayenne pepper, chili).


“Pepper. It’s hot and burns: Like the Sun! In the middle is the sun and sees everything. This is why pepper goes everywhere, in all the dishes … Then there is Mercury, warm, and he’s like the red pepper! And then Venus: Cinnamon! Venus was the most beautiful girl. Therefore Venus is bitter and sweet, like all women; Following is the earth, here we are. And what is there on Earth? The life. And what life needs? To eat. And what does food need the most? Salt! Life and food like salt. “

«A touch of spice»