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Honey, a sweet and fragrant herbal substance , derived from the nectar of plants , the bees collect, changing it, and store it for their food, in their honeycombs.

There are two categories of honey, from the flowers or the honey-dew secretions of plants. Greece is a rich bee keeping area, known for its special flavours in honeys with main species, pine, thyme, heather, fir , chestnut, citrus and so much more. Honey has been used by numerous cultures around the world in the last 2500 years.There is hardly any place in the world where honey is not widely used as part of the traditional diet.

As a food for humans is perhaps one of the healthier and nutritious food. It gives energy to our body strength and vigour, mental clarity and contributes to longevity.

Many doctors of antiquity, among them the great Hippocrates, recommended honey as a drug , something that scientifically recognized in modern times. Against fatigue, relieves and heals internal disorders, sore throat, insomnia, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. It is beneficial to the heart, constipation, anemia, in adenopathy.

It helps the body, increasing muscle strength and is indicated for depression and weakness. Recent research has shown that honey is an excellent source of energy and helps to enhance the performance of athletes. It’s a great way to maintain levels of blood sugar in mice for the recovery and restoration of glycogen after a workout, and regulating the amount of insulin in the body, and the energy consumption.

Regarding the calorific value, a spoonful, equivalent to about 21 g., Gives 64 calories, while the corresponding amount of sugar is 84 calories. Thus, broadly in recent years, our specialists encourage and advise us to prefer honey to our diet instead of sugar.

Halkidiki Honey

Halkidiki is a region with bee keeping tradition from antiquity. The great Greek philosopher of the classical era, Aristotelis from Stagira of Halkidiki, was the first
student of bee society. In his treatise “On Melissa” refers to a person bigger , that existed between the swarm of bees, which could easily be discerned and named “King”. The treatise “on Melissa” was a landmark for beekeeping in ancient Greece and throughout the then civilized world.

Halkidiki with the bee keeping tradition of years, with its mild climate, rich flora, forests of pine, oak, chestnut, wild vegetation of heather, arbutus, thyme, ladanies and so many others, is a bee keeping paradise, with fine honey and excellent quality.

However, an important factor for this quality, is the leading domestic bee race in Halkidiki , Apis mellifera macedonica. The Halkidiki bee, scientifically proven as productive, peaceful and durable, is the powerful advantage of Halkidiki beekeepers and with the microclimate, guarantees the production of excellent quality honey.

“Here’s the running water here is the garden, here bees buzzing amid the branches”
(George Seferis, MORNING).

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Pollen is an excellent SUPER FOOD , with high nutritional value. Rich in proteins, nutrients, amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids and vitamins, and minerals and enzymes extremely important for people who exercise , for those who need more energy in their daily lives, and helps to stimulate the immune, forming a solid shield against the viruses. It helps daily balance of our body. acts auxiliary in many diseases, such as problems in the intestine, prostate, high cholesterol, hormonal disorders, poor pancreatic and liver function, hypertension, anorexia and obesity (if you eat with an empty stomach before meals helps to cremations, while if you eat after meals helps increase body mass).

A spoonful of pollen cover the daily requirement of our body for protein , vitamins and minerals, while yields just 45 calories. We can eat pollen daily in the morning, plain or with honey, or juice, or yoghurt and best half an hour before a meal.


Propolis is a bee product which is mainly used by them , to seal the cracks and holes in their hives. It has been scientifically proven that one of the characteristics of propolis, is to strengthen the defenses of the organism and the immune system, which makes it doubly effective in treating infections each eidous.I propolis contains hundreds of compounds, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and flavonoids promoting anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibiotic properties, has healing action, accelerates tissue regeneration and recovery of cells as it stimulates their formation .The propolis induces rapid healing and antiseptic, while protecting from germs and bacteria adhering to the wound or swelling and waterproofs. Has strong anesthetic properties for example against toothache, effective against infection of influenza virus, the management and treatment of inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis, the inflammation of the trachea, larynx, etc.

It is a natural antibiotic, with antimicrobial activity without side effects.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly, a natural substance produced by bees for the exclusive feeding of the future queen of the hive, is a superfood with amazing properties. It contains proteins, sugars, lipids and mineral salts. But what gives it unique properties is the number of vitamins, especially B complex, which are vital for proper functioning of the body and our nervous system, with countless beneficial properties for both children and adults.

It helps concentration and improve memory in a period of exams , gives energy to the body, helps prevent diseases and rapid recovery .In fatigue, malnutrition and anorexia, hypertension and diabetes, strengthens the immune system due to the antimicrobial action, increases libido and is impotence.

It has proven to be the richest food healthy nature. Positive effect on metabolism, growth and longevity. Regulates and balances the functions of the body, oxygenates the cells and increases the natural resistance to external attacks, but also to internal defects.

Stimulates memory, stamina, fertility and sexual performance, increases physical and mental powers,

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