Μπουκάλι Εξαιρετικό Παρθένο Ελαιόλαδο

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Superior category olive oil is produced directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Contains intact all essential nutrients in olives (vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, etc.) and the processing conditions do not cause deterioration of the oil.

The content of free fatty acids (acidity) not exceeding 0,8 g per 100 g.

It has a rich, fruity, bitter or pungent taste.

Halkidiki Olives

The “Green olives Chalkidiki” derived from the varieties “Chondrolia Chalkidiki” and “Chalkidiki” kind OLEA EUROPEA.

Characterized by the large size of the fruit with a high proportion of flesh to stone, the bright green color, fruity aroma and delicate flavor, slightly bitter, spicy with no greasy feeling.

There are four main types

• 1 / Whole olives
• 2 / pitted olives
• 3 / pitted stuffed (as stuffing uses various materials such as ground almonds, red pepper, cucumber, garlic.
• 4 / crushed olives.

Also available in other formats such as black, vinegar, savory, washers etc

elia xalkidikis
Μέλι Χαλκιδικής


Honey, a sweet and fragrant herbal substance , derived from the nectar of plants , the bees collect, changing it, and store it for their food, in their honeycombs.

There are two categories of honey, from the flowers or the honey-dew secretions of plants. Greece is a rich bee keeping area, known for its special flavours in honeys with main species, pine, thyme, heather, fir , chestnut, citrus and so much more. Honey has been used by numerous cultures around the world in the last 2500 years.There is hardly any place in the world where honey is not widely used as part of the traditional diet…

Spice herbs

The spice is a dried portion of a plant that contains aromatic, spicy and caustic substances. It is also known by the names spice and herb. The uses of spices are many. In cooking it is a necessary ingredient almost in every recipe. Essential oils extracted from spices are used in perfumery, manufacturing of soaps, cosmetics and many other…