In Halkidiki, a land full of smells and colors, for centuries people worked in the cultivation of the fertile ground, in exchange for rich goods: thermal plants, fruits, vegetables and productive trees.

The biggest blessing of the land is the olive tree, gift of the goddess Athena to all humans. Tree of good, connected with regeneration and light. Symbol of peace and victory, a symbol of immortality and fertility.

Oil and olives its products, pleasure and beneficial habit to our table, the foundations of our daily diet.

Of admiration and love for the tree of good (olive tree), like our ancestors, we continue growing, with respect and care. From owned farming and from selected producers of the area , we collect the best, in order to share with you
unique flavors and aromas of our land.

Our vision is our passion to become your delicious pleasure!

“Noon July …
even though there were not olive trees …
I would have devised them…”

~ Odisseas Elitis

In Halkidiki, you dont only see its unique turquoise beaches. The silvery-green of the olive groves, dominating the landscape. The plain indicates that the olive is the main economic factor, not only in recent years.

The cultivation of the olive tree was known by the ancient inhabitants of the area yet. This also demonstrate the mills found in Olynthus, Kassandra and Sithonia, dating from the 3rd to the 6th century AD.

The residents knew the correct preparation of olive oil, without the olive pits since. There was certainly a historical period that they stopped growing to resume
again around 1960 began establishing systematic groves of the area of Agios Mamas and then spread again in Halkidiki.

Today the production of olive oil and edible olives Chalkidiki is the main occupation of rural residents. The area now operate 28 mills, processing factories and dozens of edible olives.

IMS- Intergated Management System.

In recent years consumers have been sensitized particularly on the environment and with the proper cultivation of the products. Beyond the usual qualities,the are seeking new data, such as hygiene and food safety. To meet consumer demand and harmonization with national and international requirements, farms must now be based on conditions that ensure the quality and safety of their products while respecting the environment for their production. Therefore was created the Integrated Management Systems in agricultural production. .

The Integrated Management System, is an alternative to conventional, environmentally friendly production method, whereby the producer drastically reduces the use of chemical preparations and uncontrolled application of cultivation interventions. He is obliged to follow certain rules of production, according to the suggestions supervisor Agronomist and keep logs practices implemented in order to ensure consumer health and environmental protection.

In our olive filelds we install and implement the Integrated Management System, with constant monitoring and control throughout the growing season. The cultivation takes place in order to protect consumers and the environment and the result is the production of fine quality and safe products.